About Us


E-Royce Motors India Limited is a pioneer in electric two-wheeler and three wheeler manufacturing company based out of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We are into electric vehicle space since 2017, working towards sustainability. Our product line up consists of three models of electric two wheelers and fully customizable three-wheelers based on customer preferences. We are aggressively expanding our market reach and are constantly gaining intelligence from the market to improve our product and service offerings.

Our Differentiators

We have a notable list of features that differentiate us from other players in the
market. The predominant USPs are

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Smart Batteries

Our battery is equipped with smart capabilities, where the status of the battery is updated on cloud platforms using which various details including battery health,location and vehicle details can be fetched. It also enables the users to turn on/off their vehicles remotely through their mobile.

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Hybrid Smart Charger

We have developed an inhouse hybrid smart charging unit. It can charge from various sources like solar and conventional electric power. Our charger has the capability of charging from voltage ranging from 12V to 120V.

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Auto charging kit

Under Development

Our plant

  • eRoyce own modern manufacturing facility in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu with the area of 32,000 Sq. Ft with the UPM of 600 vehicles.
  • The facility has most advanced production line, in line quality checking, Testing Lab professional body shop, welding shop, assembly shop and painting shop.
  • eRoyce has dedicated Research and Development team for New Product Development and Improvement on existing products.
  • Work safety standards is one of the important design factors, we considered while design our facility.
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Our quality standards
  • Our quality standards Quality is another prime objective of our company, which we have zero tolerance on it.
  • Our products are ICAT approved and are recognized by various certifying agencies like ISO, SAE international, CII and SSEM.
  • This showcases our product quality, which leads to highly reliability. Our quality factor is not limited to only products, but also our service offerings, which consists of highly trained personnel.
  • We are always committed to offer on-time and quality service to our customers, so that the customer relationship with the company would be a long term bond
Our customers
  • Our product line-up consists of three models of electric two wheelers and a fully customizable electric three-wheeler.
  • We are building a strong presence in the electric two wheelers sector in Tamil Nadu. Apart from our B2C client base, we have been engaged with various B2B and Government transactions in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala.
  • We have delivered over 6000 vehicles including both tricycles and electric three-wheelers.
  • Customer satisfaction is one of the key differentiators of our company and we thrive to maintain impeccable relationship with our clientele.

Our Team